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You wouldn't associate these words with an event workshop in today's business world?
You should get to know LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ - a moderation technique for meetings with results!


Mathias Haas mit LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

No projector, no flipchart.

Where as with conventional methods, idea or business development happens mostly two-dimensional - on flip chart paper, on a screen or in a dialogue - the Lego method adds a third dimension.

Thinking in 3D, so to speak - because also your company exists in many, very dynamic dimensions.
Passive content consumers become active workshop participants - with a significantly increasing level of engagement.

Play Serious - that phrase looks like a contradiction, but the whole scheme has lots of different, very interesting aspects.
Adults, while playing, set themselves a goal. The creative process happens with lots of fantasy and powerful imagination.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ is there to use this potential - to let the thoughts of your workshop attendees become visible.








Be it business or strategy development, team building or conflict management. Be it market research or bringing a planning process forward: The range of use for the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ method as a tool for workshops and events is almost unlimited.

Playing makes complicated things easier. Models simplify complex matters (such as today's business world).
The game becomes a catalyst: Finding answers to complex matters - facilitator Mathias Haas guides your participants on a playful path to outcomes, that would never be achievable by just verbal communication.
Ideas become pictures, become objects - chances and possibilities actually get visible.

Players are positive - their drive is the desire to achieve the next level: Be it in the game or be it the next level of realisation. Obstacles get tackled and are overcome - players want to move forward.

Wouldn't it be great to move to the next level, together with your employees?