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Mathias Haas, fully trained and certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitator since 2007, is a professional for communication and future strategies.

In countless keynote speeches and workshops, "DER TRENDBEOBACHTER" (The Trendwatcher) - who is a banker, master of business administration and marketing strategist - guides companies on their way into the future.

Mega trends play a decisive role in his work - and that's where the wheel turns full circle: Gamification is one of those mega trends. Gamification - the use of playful elements in a non-gaming context - is the basis for successful events with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™.

Very small meeting or large scale event: Mathias Haas' experience with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ reaches from groups of 3 people up to more than 100 delegates. The latter was mastered with the help of additional experienced workshop facilitators.

Longtime experience, fine tuned sense for people and their goals, as well as Lego gaming material in large quantities make Mathias Haas and his team your professional partner when it comes to corporate workshop realisation.



Mathias Haas and his colleagues make change tangible - no matter how complex it may be. The mega trend Gamification hits the spot.


With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™, a moderated process, the advantages of playing and modelling with Lego bricks get combined with the serious demands of the modern business world. Strategy, problem solving and team processes can be tackled this way. Change becomes understandable - and gets understood.

To make sure that decisions are not only made, but also supported by everyone involved: With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™, every person actually participates in the making of this decision.
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Since 2007, Mathias Haas is a
fully trained LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ Facilitator