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Leading German news magazine Spiegel (SPIEGEL ONLINE) and SPIEGEL TV visited one of our workshops (in German only).


Every good idea has their critics. What is this about? Check out at Spiegel Online, what others have to say about "Games and learning processes in a corporate environment" (in German only). Form your own opinion about it.


Coming soon: The individual professional training of a new LSP facilitator colleague. Welcome to the team!


Offenbach utility company (Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding) sends their leaders on the way to the future. Mathias Haas and 2 colleagues support their challenge with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™.


In March 2013, the "Journal für die Apotheke" (a publication for German pharmacists) presents LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ to their readers. Thank you & on a good health!


Gaming for a better world: Jane McGonigal, game designer and R&D director at the Institute for the Future" says at TED: "The world needs to play more to survive!"
True, as we find. Take your employees and play games together - and attack the challenges of the next decades. We will help you.