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Die Moderations-Methodik für Gruppen

a training technique using methods and material of Lego.



How does this game for grownups work?

The basis is the fact that, by doing something actively, the human brain activates much larger areas, than it would for passive processes (like listening to something).

By touching the bricks with their hands, your participants "feel the problem" - every
little piece they use gets linked to a metaphor.

We don't assume anything - everything is possible and everything can be built.
After a warm-up, participants start their creative process: Trying, modelling, simulating - it's a short step from the duty to the game.

While playing, hierarchies get lost - because every model, every person on the table has equal say. Quieter personalities or employees with extraordinary ideas get heard - because these ideas suddenly become public through that construction of bricks.
This way, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ technique opens a new way for everyone to express themselves. And to be listened to.


Hence, this method is also ideal for groups with language barriers or big hierarchic differences. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ is made to improve critical relationships, to mediate where egotistic behaviour weakens a team or to reveal hidden conflicts.
Who can attend? Everyone, you're totally free: From members of the board to the purchasing department, from management to client. LSP is entirely flexible.

Team spirit and willingness to co-operate all of a sudden get a new and colourful face. Every person on the table, in the workshop has actively participated on the solution of that question or problem: Is there a better way towards a general acceptance of this solution?

Your workshop results are easily transferable into existing structures - e.g. by keeping record of the ideas and outcomes on paper or by creation of to-do lists. That's how you use the creative power immediately.

Things done with joy are usually more successful. Through the playful element within LSP we achieve an ideal combination of "be child again" and "solve serious problems". Beyond all: It's great fun!



What questions could you work on? A little inspiration:

Read more about the different workshops, successfully facilitated by Mathias Haas and his team.


What setting is needed for a successful application of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™?

Numbers of delegates: Even large groups (100+ participants) are not an issue (use of additional facilitators).
Workshop duration: Minimum 90 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the task, longer workshops are sensible and feasible.
Room setup: Round tables with side tables.
Technical: Ample room lighting, sound system if room size requires.
Results documentation: You decide which solution suits you best: Written notes, photographic documentation, video recording or live sketching. Which ever way you chose - all models can be handed over after the event.
Languages: English and German.


Besides LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™, Mathias Haas and his team do of course offer other workshop moderation techniques. Just let us know your needs, and we'll find the ideal solution.